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Cork Chamber Counsellor, Coach & Trainer


In today’s society there is an overwhelming tendency to separate health and education into two distinct, unrelated areas. Education, on the one hand, is viewed in its most formal capacity, a process taking place within an institutional setting, aimed at imparting a certain type of academic knowledge in those who attend primary to tertiary education.  On the other hand, health is thought of as a fully formed and functioning discipline, aimed at curative rather than preventative care. The overlap between the two lies in the intersection between the academic knowledge obtained by physicians in their formal education and the application of that knowledge to the ailing patient.  However, it is becoming increasingly apparent that there is more than this in common between education and health. In reaction to this, more emphasis is being placed on expanding the learning agenda in schools and work places to critical issues such as mental and physical wellness. 

Psycho – social education is an evidence-based intervention, which combines psychotherapy and education. Psycho – education comes in all shapes and sizes and can be both informal and formal: reading a self help book, keeping a reflective journal, attending a personal development course or group, reading articles, learning from a Counsellor, Coach, Nurse, GP, Consultant Doctor and Occupational Therapist. These are all ways to engage in psycho – education.

One school of psychology is leading the way and bridging the divide between health and education, Transactional Analysis (TA), Transactional Analysis is a Social Psychology. Education has become such an important part of TA that there is now a whole sub-field dedicated to understanding the importance of education on our health and wellbeing. Since its inception, TA therapy has focused on educating clients, imparting them with the knowledge and tools necessary to understand and solve their issues by themselves. The words of TA Educators Trudi Newton ring true, when she said that while therapists are down stream pulling people out of the river, educators are upstream offering safety information to help prevent people from falling in. That is exactly what TA aims to do – reduce the occurrence of mental health, communication and relationship problems through education.


TA is a simple, easy to grasp series of theories and models, which can help people, gain a better understanding of their relationship with others and themselves. It is void of all psychobabble and jargon. Learning TA can help you begin to understand the “whys” and the “hows”, which you might often ask yourself in relation to your, work relationships, mental health and personal relationships. I am offering psycho-education programmes for children, adolescents and adults in private, school and work settings. I hope to start a discussion which will allow all those engaged to take ownership and gain a greater insight and understanding into their relationship with themselves and others.


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